Nissan motors is one of the world's leading automobile brand. Being a part of their digital transformation journey was more than enlightening. As a car brand Nissan corporation wanted to reach out to their customers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

So after a deep dive in their culture Nissan Motor's KSA site was incepted. An experience portal for potential car buyers. Users can view and customize their preferred vehicle based of their daily needs, Terrain conditions, passengers count & personal taste before they purchase the car. Gamifing a mundane digital process. We wanted to connect to the audience through Cultural, Social and Geological representation in this portal. 

Nissan Motors

Rethinking the Car buying experience

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Road Safety App : Sanadek

Sanadek by NISSAN is the first of its kind app to offer a full portfolio of female-oriented road assistance solutions in KSA. Through technology, Sanadek by NISSAN has developed a completely new experience; tailored to give women peace of mind and designed to become their guardian on the road.

Bringing waves of change & inspiring millions using a hashtag #shedrives

Saudi Arabia has strong social norms against women drivers but all that's started to change at a rapid level. On September 26, 2017, Saudi Arabia lifted its ban allowing women to drive. The Kingdom’s historic move inspired us to come up with an unconventional initiative, by offering a group of young women the chance to get behind the wheel for the first time in their lives. The team at Nissan Digital created a revolutionary hashtag campaign #shedrives to encourage Saudi women to become car owners and drivers by sharing success stories that inspired many & led to this change.

"Changing history one user at a time " -  Nissan Digital

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